Silver City Tool Shop Plans

Silver City Tool Shop Plans

Text by George Riley

2014 HOn3 AnnualAs modelers, we are always on the lookout for unique structures loaded with atmosphere to add to our layouts. Thom Miecznikowski, the designer for and part owner of Clever Models, LLC recently sent us a couple of photos of one such structure currently serving as a garage and filling station in Silver City. This well-worn, corrugated tin covered building that follows a timeless design begs to be modeled. Thom went the extra step and designed a printable kit that can be scanned from the magazine or downloaded from the HOn3 website and printed out on 24 lb. cardstock using a home ink jet color printer or it can taken to any copy center to be scanned and printed. One should have no difficulty assembling this simple model using the exploded assembly drawing on page 103 of this feature. All it will take to build this model is some white glue, a sharp knife and a little patience.

The advent of home computers and printers has dramatically changed modeling in card. You are now able to download full color detailed print outs to construct models that rival some of the most detailed kits currently available. For tips and techniques used to construct detailed paper models. visit the Clever Models website. Also, there are a number of free down loads for simple structures that are offered to help develop the skills needed for modern card modeling. One proficient the model builder will find a wide variety of inexpensive downloadable kits available from Clever Models.

Those who want to build this model using other materials can use the drawings as plans to guide their model building efforts. So whether one chooses to build the tool shop as a card model or adds injection molded windows and doors and formed corrugated metal using the kit as a set of plans, the end result will be a unique and interesting exercise in the fulfilling pursuit of scale railroad modeling. Thanks to Thom Miecznikowski for his contribution to the 2014 HOn3 Annual.

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This article was posted on: June 15, 2014