Submission Guidelines


2015 HOn3 AnnualThe HOn3 Annual features some of the finest modeling efforts in HOn3 and serves to inspire and provide projects and information to narrow gauge modelers in HO (1:87) scale. We welcome articles on all aspects of model railroading in On30 or narrow gauge prototype information. We do not accept any works of fiction or satire.

We always welcome detailed articles describing efforts to model locomotives, rolling stock, structures, scenery and model railroad-related accessories along with photo tours of finished layouts. We are also happy to publish well-written and researched prototype information. Feature stories must be accompanied by photography (color slide, black and white print, or digital file) with complete captions. The more you include, the better selection we have!

Not sure where to begin? Your submitted article should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Some background information on your subject is always a welcome introduction. Never assume the reader is familiar with your subject, but resist the urge to over-explain. What makes your subject interesting to you? What will make it interesting to an outsider? If the subject excites you, it is likely to inspire your fellow modelers, so write you ideas as if you were telling your modeling buddies about it. Not sure if your topic is a good fit? Check out some of our recent issues to get a better idea of what the HOn3 Annual is all about. If in doubt about a particular subject you have in mind, send us an email and we will discuss it — we are always open for fresh ideas!

Please contact editor Chris Lane before submitting your story.


We cannot accept any material that is handwritten or otherwise not provided in an electronic format. We prefer that article text is transmitted to us as a Microsoft Word document via email. Your text should total somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Photography must accompany your article for consideration. See below for details about submitting photography.

Additional material, such as maps and other artwork should be sent by regular mail. Finished artwork will be created by the art department; we can work with rough sketches and diagrams. Please include a self-addressed envelope so we can return your materials if desired.

The HOn3 Annual and White River Productions assume no responsibility for the return of unsolicited photographs or articles. You can mail your materials to:

HOn3 Annual
Attn: Chris Lane, Editor
4786 S. Salida St.

Aurora, CO 80015-1942


HOn3 Annual is produced electronically, and as a result, we prefer to work with digital images for photography. All digital images should be at minimum 300dpi and 3000 pixels across (roughly equivalent to a 10×8 image); and saved as either high-quality JPG or TIFF file.  Please contact us for FTP information.

In order to eliminate the risk of losing valuable originals in the mail or other forms of damage, we prefer that you provide us with high-quality scans saved to a CD or DVD instead of original slides or negatives. We cannot use images made from home consumer scanners, nor can we work with duplicate slides. There are a number of professional photo labs around the country that can create high-quality scans of your work inexpensively.

We can work with 35mm color slides and black-and-white prints provided that they are 8×10 or larger. We cannot accept negatives or color prints. Each submitted image must have the photographer’s name and address on the back of all originals.
Submitted material should be sharply focused, well-exposed, and feature eye-catching content to accompany the articles submitted to the magazine.

The HOn3 Annual and White River Productions assume no responsibility for the return of unsolicited photographs or articles. You can mail your materials to:

HOn3 Annual

Attn: Chris Lane, Editor
4786 S. Salida St,

Aurora, CO 80015-1942


Extra Board is featured on the HOn3 Annual web site to supplement information featured in the print publication and to showcase material we think will be of value to the readers that doesn’t fit into the print edition and for providing scale drawings that the reader can download. Each photo should be no smaller than 14 inches (or 1024 pixels) across at 72 dpi (no verticals, please). Brief caption information must accompany each photo. To have your idea considered for Extra Board, please send and inquiry to the Webmaster.


Our staff is always excited to learn about great new products of interest to the HO scale narrow gauge model railroader. Please contact Editor Chris Lane to have your product considered for review and/or inclusion into our New Products pages within the Annual.


The HOn3 Annual pays for submissions featured in the print edition after publication. Payment will be processed upon publication of the printed edition. Rates of pay are determined by White River Publications. Submissions to the HOn3 Annual web sites are contributed gratis.


You can contact the staff of the HOn3 Annual if you have any questions about the submission process.